well heyyyy! so glad you’re here...
I’m the girl behind the lens, Lindsey. Even when I was a little girl, I was fascinated by photographs...the story a single captured moment can tell.

As I grew, so did my interest in photography. While I was obtaining an associates degree in graphic design, I was dabbling in photography on the side. What started as merely a hobby, turned into a business after I purchased my first “big girl” camera & a friend entrusted me to take photos for a milestone in her life. Since then, it’s turned into my absolute passion to capture a variety of milestones in people’s lives!

Anyone can take a picture of something, but my goal is to capture the soul of whoever I’m photographing. To capture who you are. The feeling of the moment. To tell your story. It’s like no one else’s. And it deserves to be told, remembered, & passed on to generations to come. And most of all, I strive to glorify God through the gifts He has given me, & remind you that you are so loved by Him. That this life & the loved ones we’re surrounded by are all gifts from God. Let’s celebrate that, & capture you living life to to the fullest. I would love to hear from you! :)

IG: @lindseymarie_photo